John Shields, FAIA

The urban design work of John Shields has been a strong voice in the chorus of designers and planners who, since the 1970’s, have worked diligently to cultivate a broader view of historic preservation, one that considers both the historic context and the unrealized potential of spaces. Each of his design contributions are a result of his “big tent” approach to stakeholder engagement, a passion for the storytelling capabilities of urban design, and a visionary treatment of environments. From the inspirational plan for Lowell, Massachusetts in the 1970’s that created new national and even international precedents and pathways for preservation, to his current vision for the Boston’s historic Esplanade, John infuses important settings with contemporary uses, ensuring that history is always in the making.

John’s career is also defined by his ferocious protection of the interests of the communities in which he works. On many occasions he has saved important historic fabric that would otherwise been lost. His recent work in Augusta, Georgia, and current vision for Boston’s Esplanade and the Old State House reflect this passion for combining historic preservation with his forward-looking vision for urban environments.

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