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Esplanade 2020 (A Vision for the Future)

This is perhaps the most ambitious and popular plan done for the cities of Boston and Cambridge in the past two decades. Charles Eliot’s Charles River Esplanade 19th century vision of this world-class public space is truly a “vision interrupted,” stymied…>>

State Street

The State Street Initiative

The ShieldsDesign concept for Boston’s historic State Street recommends that the Bostonian Society, managers of the 1713 Old State House and Historic Boston, take the lead in developing the venerable State Street into a major tourist corridor and veritable cross-section of Boston stories,…>>

Altoona 2

Downtown Altoona

The intent of this work was to re-invent the downtown public space of Altoona, Pennsylvania, as a lively activity venue, focusing on the City’s place in the westward development of the nation’s railroads. The work focused on Main Street, a multipurpose plaza…>>

Freedom 2

Boston’s Freedom Trail

For the National Park Service, this work analyzed the then current route of Boston’s famous Freedom Trail and made recommendations concerning potential realignments, accessibility improvements, and trail marking elements.


1765 Boston (Old State House Experience)

For the Bostonian Society, this work will recreate the setting around the oldest public building of the original colonies into an interactive slice of 1765 Boston, just after the French and Indian War and during the run-up to the Revolution. The historic…>>


Bring Back the Blackstone

This urban design plan for revitalizing Worcester’s Green Island neighborhood centers on preservation, restoration, and interpretation of key historic and cultural facilities; incorporates large areas of underutilized and vacant property on which to develop major new mixed use and recreational destinations; and calls…>>


Charlesbank River Pavilion

The vision plan for Lee Pool focuses on a highly visible but largely forgotten corner of Charles River Esplanade, a designated Boston Landmark. The goal of this plan is to further Charles Eliot, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Arthur Shurcliff’s original vision for…>>

Jialing 1

Jialing City

This urban design plan for a steep, two-mile, highly distressed riverfront uses an elevated highway and a sewer line along the base and a proposed in-line dam to create a linear water park as a feature around which to build a new…>>


Four Season’s Place

This new city node in Hangzhou, China, uses a variety of retail configurations to create a vibrant urban center and edges. Within its area, nearly 2000 new apartments were proposed, as well as three 400-room hotels and nearly 2500 square meters of commercial…>>


Auburn Festival Plaza

This competition-winning design created an active, outdoor performance venue and a bold, fresh image at the center of this historic Maine mill town. The fountains and the plaza paving patterns tell the story of the town, the river, its falls, and the…>>


Provincetown as Virtual Cultural Center

This innovative plan engages the entire downtown of Provincetown, Massachusetts by interpreting its heritage and culture through the medium of emerging cell phone technology and street mounted call-in numbers throughout the town. The plan also proposed an urban design agenda based on Provincetown’s…>>

Westabou 4

The Westobou Vision

This is an award-winning inter-state urban design initiative for Augusta, Georgia, and its cross-river neighbor, North Augusta, South Carolina. The Plan proposes a set of “market creation projects” scattered across the urban area and interconnected by pedestrian and bicycle paths within a comprehensive…>>

McCormick 1

McCormick Place Food Court, Chicago

This exciting proposal for a massive new food court links the two disconnected halves of this existing convention center and celebrates the ethnic traditions of Chicago’s many neighborhoods.


325 Franklin Street

This development in Cambridge, Massachusetts, consists of three unique townhouses on a tight urban infill lot. Each 2,000 SF unit differs in layout, with the rear units stepping forward to provide an entry area visible to the street. Broad private roof decks…>>

North G 1

North Grosvenordale Village

Conversion of a rundown, historic former mill village into a completely renovated community for low-income families provided 116 new units of housing and led to the restoration of the historic neighborhood fabric. The latter was in part achieved by infilling the community with…>>


USCG Support Center, Boston

John led a multi-disciplinary team to provide full architectural and landscape architectural services for this renovation, reorganization, and expansion of two historic Boston Waterfront warehouses for the US Coast Guard. The resulting design ranges from a careful historical renovation of the facades…>>


Newton Residential Renovation

Full renovation of this simple 1935 center-entry colonial styled home had two major objectives. The first was to take a room-by-room approach to bringing each space to its full potential to meet today’s needs, connecting and reconfiguring them as appropriate. The second was…>>

Brook School 1

Brook School Apartments

The Brook School Elderly Apartments is a former public school campus of half a dozen historic buildings built over a span of more than 100 years. This project blended a contemporary 23-unit addition into the historic fabric. Urban design principles were key to…>>

Morville 5

Morville House Apartments

The shape and massing of this high-rise addition to this affordable senior residential tower responds in both program and form to urban design imperatives of the surrounding area and the need to mitigate building shadow and sky-view impacts.

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